Why I didn’t buy ‘Wednesday Comics’

  1. It’s only 16 pages.
  2. It’s $3.99/week.
  3. It’s odd-sized.
  4. It’s $3.99/week.
  5. It’s a collection of 16 stories, and you know some of them are going to be crap.
  6. It’s $3.99/week.

Yeah, no thanks, DC. Tell you what, collect the stories that are actually worth a damn into a TPB or (this might sound crazy) a regular freaking comic book, and I might pick some of them up.  In the current format — no way in hell.

5 responses to “Why I didn’t buy ‘Wednesday Comics’

  1. It reminded me of the giant final issue of Promethea, without the magic.

    I ADORE Promethea:


    Get ready. DC is about to release the Absolute Edition. Highest recommendation.

  2. You know, I got the first 5 or 6 issues of Promethea and couldn’t get into it. That far in, and Moore was *still* telling her origin story. Dunno… might just have been me at the time.

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  4. So basically you’re complaining that you get oversized art from some of the best comic artists working today? You’re saying you would rather have the artwork shrunk down so it would fit in your pathetic longbox instead of being able to enjoy it full-sized.

    You are some kind of person.

    • I’m a reader, not a picture-looker. If I’m out to buy artwork, I buy original artwork, prints, or poster books.

      Additionally, “best comic artists working today” is a relative term, and for my tastes, not applicable to this series.

      Lastly, don’t take it so personal. I just stated why *I* didn’t buy it. I didn’t call anyone stupid for purchasing and/or loving it.

      Gimmicks just annoy the crap out of me, and typically have the opposite of their intended effect with regards to my wallet.

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